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Clearing and desinfecting your area

Desinfection frequency require team members to wash hands and water upon entering homes and before leaving.

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We provide COVID19 disinfecting service

These services are perfect for offices, places of worship, gyms, schools, daycares and more.

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Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island

COVID - 19 Virus Disinfection & Sanitation

Cover coughs and sneezes

Protect yourself by coughing and sneezing.

Clean your hands with a hand sanitizer

When soap and water are not available.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

Always protect your face, in addition to wearing masks.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces

A clean surface helps to avoid spreading viruses and bacteria.

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Our Services

Some of our services offered, with quality and safety:

House Cleaning

Cleanliness plays a huge part in your house, but several home owners do not have the time to complete this job due to their busy lifestyles.

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Academy Cleaning

When you operate an academy, you are not only responsible for your student’s education – you are also responsible for their proper safety.

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Deep Cleaning

Deep house cleaning – it is of those things forever lingering at the bottom of the to-do list but I never quite occurs. There is just forever something that takes the main concern.

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Janitorial service

We offer the best quality Janitorial cleaning services to Commercial customers, our expert team, trained in every method of assuring your property is impeccably sanitized on a custom plan suited your needs.

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Recurring Cleaning Services

Recurring cleaning so exceptional, you will be amazed however survived without Cleaning Sunset Guests dropping in? Bring it on. That is the strength of regular home cleaning.

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Commercial Cleaning

Whether your business is small or huge, we’ll provide you with the best quality commercial cleaning services that carry our values.

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Banks cleaning

Cleaning a bank is not a simple job as it sounds. It takes a fine plan and fine cleaners to be capable to complete the cleaning task at an extremely high standard.

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Daycare cleaning services

Daycare centers are relay on cleaning companies every day across Connecticut. We know that you and your customers demand fine-kept facilities for every little one that is in your care.

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Move in and Move Out Cleaning

Cleaning while the client is moving in or moving out of an old home is quite a task. Old and unreachable edges and corners for years make an undesirable and dirty view at home.

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Why Choose Us

While cleaning services have always been viewed as a luxury service for wealthy individuals, we are starting a movement to make cleaning services available to a broader audience.

Deep Cleaning Service

The deep cleaning service option is a compreensive top-to-bottom clean. We recommend a deep cleaning if you have not had your apartment professionaly cleaned within the past three months or if you do not use a cleaning service a regular basis.

COVID-19 Disinfecting

PUREmist provides 360-degree hospital-grade disinfection on high-touch surfaces such as light switches and doorknobs. We are proud to have significantly increased the thoroughness of house cleaning and wellness for our costumers while significantly reducing the associeated harmful chemicals.

Disinfecting Services

At Sunset Cleaning services, we're excited to bring green cleaning and disinfection technology to maid service and house cleaning. We are a Green Cleen Certified maid service, bringing safe and healthy cleaning services to your home, family and the environment.

Virucidal Disinfectant

In addition to our green cleaning care, we are now able to truly disinfect your home using PUREmist, eletrostatic spray technology. Germs, bacteria and viruses are a concern dor all of us, and we recognize the importance of bringing safe cleaning and disinfection services to your home.

Flexible Pricing

The difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.



  • Estimated time: 3 hours
  • We bring cleaning supplies
  • 1 Maid
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2 bedrooms


  • Estimated time: 4.5 hours
  • We bring cleaning supplies
  • 1 Maid
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3 bedrooms


  • Estimated time: 6 hours
  • We bring cleaning supplies
  • 1 Maid
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4 bedrooms


  • Estimated time: 4 hours
  • We bring cleaning supplies
  • 2 Maids
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Post renovation cleaning service


per hour

  • We bring cleaning supplies
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Office cleaning


per hour

  • We bring cleaning supplies
  • 1 Maid / per 1 hour
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Our Valueable Client Says

What some of our customers say about us:

depoimento01- quote

Eric Tucker

The 2 women who came were friendly, respectful, and most importantly did a great job.

depoimento02 quote

Adriana Machado

Quality house cleaning at reasonable rates would recommend! One of the best house cleaning services at reasonable rates would recommend to anyone.

depoimento03 quote

Edson Leal

Fantastic experience with Mary cleaning Service both times we have used them so far. The second person, Verta, went beyond. We will be ordering it again; she is the best.

depoimento04 quote

Kimmy Clarkson

Sunset Cleaning LLC is the best! I needed a House Cleaner service to fix and clean my apartment. I didn't regret calling these guys for house cleaning service! My place is now perfectly clean. Thank you.

depoimentos05 quote

Tais Silva

Sunset Cleaning with your team cleaned my house did great job today clean biweekly.

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