Using toilets? A clean and healthy start


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Using toilets? A clean and healthy start

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Using toilets? A clean and healthy start

Using the school toilets for the first time can be daunting for children. The appearance of urinals, the scratchy toilet paper and lack of privacy or cleanliness can be so off-putting that children sometimes try to wait until they get home. For some, this leads to accidents and other problems such as constipation. Some children even avoid drinking at school so that they don’t have to use the toilets, which can cause dehydration.

In 2003, a survey of 56 primary school washrooms showed that 25% did not have any soap available, 23% had no towels and 12% did not have any toilet paper. A more recent survey shows that schools are now more aware of the effect that poor school toilets have on children. However, more needs to be done to raise standards. If you are concerned about lack of cleanliness or any other aspect of the toilets at your child’s school, speak to the head teacher. They should be able to address any problems.

You can help your child to cope by:

• Teaching them how to tell their teacher when they need to use the toilet, and making sure that the words they use at home are phrases their teacher will understand
• Helping them to be con dent enough to ask for help when they need it
• Putting them in clothing that they can easily undo and refasten (elastic waists and Velcro can make life easier)
• Practising how to undo and refasten clothing
• Making sure they can wipe their own bottom
• Ensuring they know that they should wash their hands after using the toil Reach out today to learn more about our house cleaning services and enhanced disinfection services and request your free estimate.

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